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I’m Lori Thoman, Marketing Coordinator here at Superior Graphics. Our President, (John Ehrenberger) is supposed to be our Chief Blogger. After writing a whopping TWO blog posts, John promoted me (no increase in pay) to Guest Blogger this week.  Thanks.

I thought it would be helpful to talk about our marketing process for any of you that might have to come up with marketing ideas from time to time.

This post features our new marketing piece for one of our target markets, quick-serve restaurants. These customers use a ton of graphics and need kitting and fulfillment direct-to-store, so it’s a perfect fit for us.  But how to get their attention?  It has to be different enough that it will compel potential customers to keep it…or remember our name at the very least.  Okay, go.

Where to begin? Well, I have a few things at my disposal here.  One thing is the fabulous HP Indigo Printer, which can print on all kinds of cool media.  We also have the Zund cutter which can cut all shapes and sizes.  We wanted a flat piece that could be mailed easily and be cost effective.  But what would be “different”?

Introducing the FLAT TACO! Yes, even flatter than the world’s tastiest flat taco – I’m looking at you, Jack-In-The-Box.



Here is how it came to be:

  • Listen to Others/Get Input

This has proven to be invaluable when coming up with an idea and getting the creative juices flowing. I include in “Listen to Others” surfing the internet (Pinterest and others) and just looking at ideas.  What looks cool?  Original?  Can we produce this with the resources that we have?  Also, I found that talking to my co-workers was amazingly helpful.  For example, our taco piece was actually Leila Martin’s (our Purchasing Manager/Project Manager/Company Nurse) original concept.  I loved her idea, so I was able to tweak it and make it workable for what we needed to do.  But a word of caution here: everyone has a different opinion when it comes to “ideas”.  Be careful to sort through the sea of opinions carefully and don’t lose your vision.

  • Taking Idea from Concept to Reality

Okay, this is when the going got tough. In my head, it prints and cuts perfectly and is shipped with no problem whatsoever.  I soon found out that there are a million things that can (and will) go wrong when coming up with a “different” piece.  It takes a lot of back and forth, and back again…and patience.

  • Finally! The Production

You’ve pushed through the design phase. Now, all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for the pieces to fall on your desk, right?  Not always.  It helps if you are specific as to materials and special instructions needed to make the finished piece.  Also, make sure that the latest version and only the latest is the one saved and to be printed.  You have to “follow” the piece through production and make sure it’s going as planned every step of the way, making adjustments as you go.


The delicious marketing taco was born and is being sent to a quick serve restaurant near you. It’s a fun, colorful piece that grabs the attention of anyone who receives it.  Different?  Eye-catching?  It definitely does the job and, as a bonus, really makes you want a taco!

Tacos, anyone?

Tacos, anyone?


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