Remarkable Customer Service – Episode 1

People say customer service is dead. Of course, that’s not strictly true, but we have so many mediocre customer service experiences that we all tend to lower our expectations. I think I’m getting more sensitive to noticing both good and bad customer service since I attended last month’s DScoop conference in San Antonio. Most of the sessions I attended focused on delivering customer experiences and improving the quality of customer “touchpoints”.

So, I bought a suit a couple of weeks ago. Nothing fancy, just a casual jacket and pants. When I got home, I set about cutting all of the store and manufacturer tags off before I hung it in the closet. One tag caught my eye…a nice little folded piece attached to the lapel with a string and a button. It read: “Thank you for choosing TailorByrd Collection. You’ll feel good wearing our clothes. You’ll also get lots of compliments. We’d love to hear about them. Send me a note at My Best, Larry Stemerman, CEO”.


Whatever…I put all the tags and store receipts in my closet. A couple of days later, I did wear the suit to work. And I have to say, I did feel good. It was a nice, comfortable material. And, sure enough, by the end of the day I had a total of three people that commented on either how nice the suit looked or what a nice fabric it had. When I got home, I actually dug the tag back out a emailed a quick note to “Larry”. I’m not sure why I did it, I usually would not. Nevertheless, within 45 minutes I received a response from Larry thanking me for my email plus a sentence or two about how he designed that particular suit.

With that one email response, he turned what could have been a forgettable moment into a remarkable customer experience. It really impressed upon me the importance of following through and being ready to deliver a positive customer touchpoint. It also prompted me to go back the next day and special order additional items from his clothing line that the store carried, but not in my size. I had previously given up and left the store. But now, I took the extra trouble to go back and (heaven forbid) wait for the clothes to be shipped in. What can I say, I’m a fan.

I have to give credit to someone, somewhere, within their organization for coming up with the idea of putting the tag on the suit, along with an email address. And then, credit to the CEO for following up up promptly. Due to these several little things, they have come up with a mechanism to connect with their customers.

What opportunities are you and I passing up every day to connect and deliver a remarkable customer experience?

by John Ehrenberger

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