“No One Really Knows What’s Going On Around Here”…

Over the last year, we have tried to identify areas for improvement throughout the company. One topic that seems to always make the list is communication, as in, “we are bad at communication around here”.

A common complaint, right? Just about everyone I speak to that works in (insert name of any industry here) complains that there is no good mechanism in place to keep people up to date on things.

In light of that, about a year ago we decided to try something different. I went out and purchased several 48” LCD color monitors and placed them around the building so that just about everyone has some sort of visual proximity to a monitor.

The screens connect wirelessly to our network and like cell phones and car audio systems, they have way more capability than we utilize. There are plenty of built-in templates that come with the MagicInfo Express utility that is included with the hardware, including streaming video and connection to Appletalk and similar devices.  I’ve been using the most basic template available; a series of jpg files saved out of PowerPoint.

Even so, I’ve found the screens to be useful in communicating a variety of information, including:

  • Personnel out of the office during the week
  • Department and Company sales and/or financial results
  • Service anniversaries
  • Major equipment repair and maintenance schedules
  • Large incoming projects
  • New customers landed during the month

It does take a few minutes efforts each morning to update or generate the new information for the day, but I find it helps me to stay more connected to what’s going on in the organization, and most importantly, keeps us all connected.

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