What Can You De-Clutter Today?

I went to a conference a while back and one of the sessions was about organization. Real organization. Where everything like scissors and rulers had a special assigned spot and a little outline of scissors and rulers on the wall so you’d know where to put things again when you were finished using them.

We thought that would be a great idea to implement at Superior Graphics. We had a meeting and talked about how we could start that program, and then maybe one more meeting. And then…Nothing.

Sometimes, our facility actually looks pretty nice and straight. At other times, not so much. Typically, even when it looks good, it’s fairly superficial, with things being shoved into cabinets or hidden in some other ingenious way.

Does your area look like this?

Does your area look like this?

Or this?

Or this?

Maybe your facility is always neat and organized…Congratulations. But, if you’re more like us, there are times when you have to make the effort to clean up your act. Here are a few things that have helped us:

Someone has to be the Champion/Policeman –

I find it helpful if one person takes on the role of Champion (or Enforcer for you authority types) in this area. Sometimes, that person is me. I find most people actually do want to keep things neat and clean, sometimes they just have to be reminded.

Eliminate what you’re not using –

Occasionally, we will buy media or some other item for a special project. Two years later, we are still storing or moving around the remnants of that project. With as many special projects as we doo, the pile gets unmanageable pretty quickly. At least twice a year, we try to eliminate things we haven’t used in the last six months. That at least keeps the piles manageable.

Small Steps –

Instead of spending all day (or days) de-cluttering, tackle one area at a time and do a little bit every day. A cabinet, A drawer, The office supply room. And once that little area is clean, be diligent about keeping it that way.

We may never be as organized as the company featured in that conference, but we keep working on improving a little bit every day.

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