Take a Greener Approach to Printing

All of us at Superior Graphics understand the importance of minimizing the impact we have on the environment. We offer a number of options to help our customers choose environmentally-friendly solutions in their visual communications programs .

On-Demand Print Technology
According to Xerox, our iGen3 is the “greenest” print machine for the commercial print industry.* It uses only non-toxic dry inks (toner). Because the iGen3 does not require specially coated stock, there is a large selection of recycled, recyclable and FSC-Certified stocks available.

UV-Cured Flatbed & Roll-to-Roll Printing
Our UV-curable ink uses a non-VOC formulation**, making it both safe to use and more environmentally friendly.

Media Choices
We are constantly evaluating the attributes of various media choices that have recycled or recyclable components. Please contact your account representative to discuss the features a particular media may have for your application.

Waste Management
Paper Recycling – Superior Graphics recycles all suitable office and print-operations paper waste. This program is coordinated with a local elementary school so that all proceeds from this recycling program are donated to the school.
Cardboard Recycling – A large portion of our incoming and outgoing shipments are packed in cardboard, leading to a significant recycling opportunity. We recycle all cardboard waste and have contracted with a recycling company to process our cardboard waste.

Landscaping – In early 2006, Superior Graphics moved to an organic landscaping program on our property. When needed, organic fertilizers are used. Plants and grasses with lower water requirements will be phased in throughout 2008.
Lighting – In late 2007, interior incandescent lighting was replaced with low-wattage fluorescent bulbs. Our production areas utilize a mix of fluorescent and mercury vapor lighting to decrease our electricity requirements.

Moving Forward
We will continue to work with our equipment manufacturers and media suppliers to offer our clients a broad range of choices so we can lessen our impact on the environment.