Our Jeti 3020 Titan UV Inkjet Printing System

Superior Graphics of Dallas, TX, produces promotional and point-of-purchase graphics for a variety of retail clients, typically working with companies that have between 20-200 locations. Superior’s customers include major national retailers, display designers and manufacturers, and fuel/convenience store chains.

The company, which boasts 30 employees, provides one-to-one marketing, printing, bindery, finishing and kitting, fulfillment and direct-to-store shipping. Superior’s mission is to be the premier visual communications provider to some of the world’s top organizations by using the most innovative digital printing technology.

To help handle the volume, Superior Graphics installed the :Jeti 3020 Titan UV inkjet printing system from Agfa Graphics. At more than 10 feet wide, the :Jeti 3020 Titan is a high-volume, field-upgradeable, true flatbed that provides high resolution and high production speeds.

“Our portfolio of equipment and streamlined workflow allows us to produce quality work more quickly at a lower overall cost. Also, we target clients that require speed and a complete workflow solution that includes fulfillment and multiple-location pack-out requirements,” said John Ehrenberger, President of Superior Graphics. “We’ve been using the :Jeti 3020 Titan for about a year, and we’ve found that it is two to three times faster and provides higher image quality than our previous equipment, at lower operating costs,” Ehrenberger added.

For retailers and convenience stores, for example, Superior Graphics is able to produce graphics with very small text for shelf strips, danglers and wobblers. Shelf strips often need trademark information or legal notices that are difficult to produce clearly on other flatbed printers, but come out perfectly with the :Jeti 3020 Titan.

“The added benefit of much sharper detail, especially with small text, has been outstanding,” Ehrenberger said. “Not only can we print faster, but corporate logos printed at very small sizes look great.”

In addition to the high-quality printing, thanks to the :Jeti 3020 Titan’s 8 picoliter dot, Ehrenberger said he has seen ink cost savings even beyond the initial estimates, thanks to the advanced ink system on the :Jeti 3020 Titan.

“Older technologies put on massive layers of ink. Newer technology uses much less ink. The ink usage on our previous equipment ran us $0.20 per square foot. We ran similar images on the Titan and it calculated to $0.07 per square foot, saving us nearly two-thirds in ink costs,” Ehrenberger said. “The :Jeti 3020 Titan has been the best combination of quality and speed versus the capital expense.”

Ehrenberger said he plans to add a second :Jeti 3020 Titan with flat-to-roll capability, which would achieve greater speeds for flexible media output. The additional system would also be able to provide more products for any given retailer’s environment using the same technology.

“We could print everything a store needs on the Titan alone. That’s the next logical step,” Ehrenberger said.

With a steady eye on the future, and a keen sense of what his customers want and need, John Ehrenberger of Superior Graphics is making the kind of business decisions that not only enhance the company’s bottom line but also his customers’ bottom line as well. That’s what makes his company Superior.


Article by: Pitman